Athletic Patches

Last Updated: 6/15/2020 4:37 PM


Winamac Athletic Policy on Patches

Patch Order Form

“We are always very proud of each and every athlete who chooses to
represents Winamac High School through our athletic programs. To
further recognize athletic teams/individuals who reach certain
milestones, the athletic department offers the following signs of
athletic accomplishments in the area and state:”

Effective: August 1st, 2011

Goal: To eliminate confusion on what our policy regarding patches is and to
expedite the process of obtaining desired patches.


1. The school (athletic department) will purchase an athletic patch for
team members who are on any team that wins their sectional and/or
conference championship.

2. The school (athletic department) will pay for only 1 patch per player. If
a team wins conference and sectional, it will all be on one patch, unless
the player/parents chose to purchase their own.

3. The school (athletic department) will pay for a patch for an athlete who
wins in a state tournament series (sectional, regional, etc.) in an
individual sport where the team does not advance. Again, 1 patch per
player, per sport.

4. Any athlete/parent wanting to order other additional patches may do so
through the Winning Edge in Rochester. Order forms are available in
the Athletic Director’s office and/or the school’s website.

Patch Order Form